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17th Oct, 2023

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Do you deserve this classification?
For all those special people that dont know they deserve this classification title. Here we will give an award classification of 'ID-10-T' for those people in the world that are oblivious to common sense and their actions. We want to recognise those amazing people, companies or/and ideas.

Welcome to 'ID-10-T,' the podcast that revels in the peculiar, the bizarre, and the brilliantly absurd. I'm your host, Mad Morgan, and I've made it my mission to uncover the most mind-bending mysteries, curiosities, and delightful oddities this world has to offer.

For even more tantalizing tidbits and deeper dives into our topics, be sure to visit us at You'll find show notes, bonus content, and a community of fellow 'ID-10-T' enthusiasts.

In each episode, we'll journey down the rabbit hole of the unknown, exploring stories, theories, and phenomena that leave us scratching our heads. From cryptic creatures and unsolved mysteries to tales of the paranormal and the unexplained, there's no riddle too enigmatic for us to tackle.

So, fasten your seatbelts, open your mind's eye, and join us on this whimsical adventure into the enigmatic and the bewildering. Welcome to 'ID-10-T.'
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Mad Morgan

Mad Morgan has worked behind the scenes with many content Creators and Influencers over the years. As the world appears to be very 'judgy' on social media on visual factors, they have decided to still stay 'behind the scenes' and not reveal anymore then a silhouette. Where their voice may be portrayed as one gender...who knows with technology which gender it belongs.

With that they can tell you this - their life has been well rounded from failed and successful relationships, raising of children, multiple successful careers and failed ones. Been 'up and down and in-between' in many many areas of life. Spent their life people watching and helping as many as they can with sound advice (whether it is taken and used is another thing). At the end of the day this Podcast is about helping others make sense of this crazy world and life. Their words are their tools and with that they dont want to be judged on anything else in vanity or otherwise.

Here to help others and any help you can provide to help them with their mission is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.